UK Telephone Numbers and Codes

Power Cuts and Blackouts Emergency Helpline

From April 2016, 105 will be the number for people anywhere in Britain to contact their electricity network operator to report a power cut or safety concern, or receive reassurance during a blackout.

You should call 105 to:

This number should not be used for other utilities such as gas and water; nor should it be used to contact electricity suppliers.

The 105 service will operate across England, Scotland and Wales (but not Northern Ireland) and will use the caller's location to identify and route the call to the network operator in the area they are in. Callers will also be able to be put through to a different network operator, for example when calling about an issue related to their home when they are at work in a different network operator's region.

Calls to the 105 service are free from landlines and mobile phones.